Carrying on Asai Sensei’s Tradition

Throughout his life, Asai Sensei studied and became proficient in many different martial arts.  Over time, as masters often do, he developed his own personal budo, or perhaps better described as bujutsu – focused on the most effective techniques to use in combat situations.  Meanwhile, as Chief Instructor of the JKA, he continued to teach the core Shotokan syllabus occasionally adding in certain techniques of his own, especially with advanced students.

I think that you’ll find the video below interesting.  Andre Bertel a Shotokan instructor from New Zealand.  He gives seminars around the world and is a gifted karateka who is devoted to sharing the art.  If you watched the previous Asai Sensei video, I think that you’ll see his distinct influence on this young man.  Asai spent a lot of time conducting one-on-one training with Andre, sharing his particular flavor of budo.  Remember, these are controlled strikes and kicks, however the uke (the guy on the receiving end) needs to be ready and in good shape.

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