Frequently Asked Questions

The HIS Karate-Do sensei's have many years of experience (over 45 years each) in the practice and teaching of Karate.  They are volunteers who spend time sharing Shotokan Karate due to their love of the art.  HIS does not emphasize the sport aspects (tournaments and sparring) of Karate but offers solid training in its technical aspects and philosophy of life.  The training is structured so that interested students of all ages and abilities can train together in a safe environment.

It always depends upon their ability to focus and interest in trying out karate.  Generally speaking, we'll allow a child as young as 5 years old and always encourage one or both parents to give it a try alongside their child.  Families are always welcome to try together, which is one of the reasons we cap the monthly dues for the entire family.

Classes cost:
$10 per month for Individuals
$20 per month for Families

Classes are held at: Momilani Community Center 715 Hoomoana St. Pearl City, HI 96782

Classes are on:

6:00pm - 7:00pm (All Levels)

9:00am - 10:00am (All Levels)
10:00am - 11:00am (Advanced Levels)

Just that you always try your best.  Karate-Do is not just about exercise, it's about improving one's mind, spirit and body.  As time goes on and the student gets better and learns more, it becomes increasingly difficult to improve.  Complacency can set in and one can practice on "automatic" and come away with the minimum - a decent work-out.  The biggest obstacles to progress are 1) loss of motivation and 2) a growing frustration as the kihon and kata become more advanced.  Patience and perseverance are two important traits to cultivate in Karate-Do and will help you in training and in life.

Monthly dues can be deposited in the plastic jar next to the sign-in sheet.  Just attach a stick-on memo to it, with your name and month.  Try to get to class at least 5 minutes before it begins since we stop promptly at the end of the hour.  If you arrive after class has started, just sit in seiza position in the back, raise your hand, and the sensei will wave you in.  The Momilani Community Center has a marked no-parking zone in front of the gate entrance.

We design training to allow the students to be able to train together for much of the class.  Depending upon age and skill-level, we do separate into groups during class, as we usually have enough sensei's and sempai's to give each group appropriate attention.

Classes run one hour including approximately 10 minutes of stretching/warm-ups.  Emphasis is on body movement, posture, and learning the Shotokan Karate-Do system.  We concentrate on kihon (drills that build strength, flexibility and speed of kicking, striking, and blocking techniques), kata (the pre-arranged Shotokan movement forms ).  We do not dwell on kumite and sparring/sport aspect of Karate-Do and eschew tournaments.  However, when the student is ready, we do begin sharing the accelerated kihon associated with kumite.

Uniforms (gi's) are optional, though most students who stay beyond a few lessons will invariably want to purchase gi's.  Until then, comfortable exercise clothing like t-shirts and either long shorts or loose pants can be worn to class.

Karate supplies can be purchased online or locally at:

Hawaii Martial Arts Supply
2909 Waialae Ave.
Unit 2203
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 778-9087

Please see Ranking on our Resources page.

In a regular dojo, training three times a week, having high potential and taking every promotional exam, a Shodan is possible in about 4 years.  In HIS Karate-Do Foundation, we accept students of all ages and all abilities - service to the community and sharing a solid understanding of Shotokan Karate-Do is our primary goal.  It is not our intent to create a selective, elite, technically advanced group, available to and attainable by only few gifted individuals.  Our students share an interest in this martial art but attend only one to a maximum of two classes a week.  Progress is, therefore, slow - but is still possible through investing training over a longer period of time.  A dedicated, talented student may attain the black belt in 7-8 years at HIS.  We emphasize that gaining the 1st dan is like finally becoming literate -  learning one's ABC's and being able to finally read, only means that the Way to greater knowledge is now unlocked.