NameMeaning# of Moves
Heian ShodanPeaceful Mind (One)21
Heian NidanPeaceful Mind (Two)26
Heian SandanPeaceful Mind (Three)20
Heian YondanPeaceful Mind (Four)27
Heian GodanPeaceful Mind (Five)23
Bassai DaiPenetrating the Fortress (Big)42
Bassai ShoPenetrating the Fortress (Small)27
Kanku DaiTo look at the Sky (Big)65
Kanku ShoTo look at the Sky (Small)48
Tekki ShodanIron Horse (One)23
Tekki NidanIron Horse (Two)24
Tekki SandanIron Horse (Three)26
ChinteIncredible Hands32
SochinPreserve Peace41
EnpiFlying Swallow37
GankakuCrane on the Rock42
JionLove and Goodness47
JitteTen Hands24
JiinNamed after the Saint38
MeikyoMirror of the soul33
HangetsuHalf Moon41
Nijushiho24 Steps24
Gojushiho Dai54 Steps (Big)67
Gojushiho Sho54 Steps (Small)65
UnsuCloud Hands48
WankanCrown of a King24