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May - August 2019 Examination Results

Congratulations to all those who tested and passed for advancement in their karate journey.

Avery Tracy3rd Kyu
Leila Carson4th Kyu
Mariko Yonemura4th Kyu
Ken Yonemura4th Kyu
Lynn Nakamoto6th Kyu
Ryan Walsh6th Kyu
Krislyn Nakasue6th Kyu
Andy Pham6th Kyu
Makena Yonemura7th Kyu
Jack Walsh7th Kyu
Kai Watanabe8th Kyu
Lisa Watanabe8th Kyu
Miki Watanabe8th Kyu
Scott Ogasawara9th Kyu
Andrea How9th Kyu
Benjamin How9th Kyu
Naomi Masuda9th Kyu